Our Low-Stress Approach

At Medical District Veterinary Clinic at Illinois, feeling good starts at the front door.

Let’s face it. Even people often dread seeing their doctor, so it’s no wonder many animals balk at the entrance of a veterinary clinic. After all, they don’t know what to expect, and it’s impossible for us to explain to them why they’re there and what’s going to happen.

At Medical District Veterinary Clinic, the entire staff shares a philosophy of minimizing stress and maximizing fun for our patients. We find ways to communicate a sense of safety and trust to your pet, so coming to the clinic is a good experience for everyone.

We begin in the reception area by creating a comfortable environment for pets to enter. Then we listen to what your pet is telling us, attending to behavioral cues and responding in ways that put your pet at ease. Our staff is trained to use persuasion rather than pressure to gain cooperation. In fact, if your pet is saying “No way!” to a procedure, we may ask you to return another day when the mood is calmer.

It’s an important way we put your pet’s well-being first.

Because in the long run, we know that making pets happy to come to the clinic can make a world of difference in how they respond to veterinary care. And we are all about feeling good.