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What Does It Mean to Be ‘Cat Friendly’?

Our patient, Abby, chilling in her carrier. Cats are not small dogs. We get that. Cats have distinct, unique needs and personalities. That’s why the Medical District Veterinary Clinic is very happy to be designated a Cat Friendly Practice! This worldwide initiative helps make veterinary clinics welcoming places for feline patients. The idea behind the […]

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[black and white cat with Dr. Brett Grossman]

Meet Dr. Brett Grossman (and Emerson, and Crocodile, and …)

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Brett Grossman, the newest clinician at the Medical District Veterinary Clinic at Illinois! Since he started in late May, Dr. Grossman has quickly become a favorite with our clients and patients, including the adorable–and reportedly very food motivated–Oscar Biscuit Wilde, who appears calm and symmetrical with Dr. Grossman in […]

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