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kitten eating

Your Pet’s Diet

The temperature is slowly creeping up to Chicago springtime levels, though all Midwesterners knew to brace for that inevitable April snowstorm. Regardless of your gritty Chicago expectations, we hope you are starting or continuing all your flea and tick medications as well as your heartworm control. You can reference the previous post about this, but […]

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dog in meadow

Spring Forward

Spring is weeks away, and the schizophrenic Chicago weather is starting to settle on the easy months of warmth and sunshine, with occasional rainstorms thrown in for good measure. With the winter relief, though, comes additional burdens on pet owners in the form of allergies. Often pet owners settle for what they view as unavoidable allergic reactions in […]

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dog with open mouth

Teeth and Beyond

February is quite a month for potential celebration. Even if you limit yourself to going all out only for all those obligatory National Dog Training Month and National Spay/Neuter Awareness Month parties, then you will probably end up stretching yourself thin for the Barley Month, National Pancake Week, National Pizza Day, and Texas Cowboy Poetry Week hoopla. It […]

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cat wearing cone

Neuter and Spay, That’s the Way

You probably either know (or are sick of hearing) why you should have your pets spayed and neutered. February is Medical District Veterinary Clinic’s annual Spay and Neuter Month (as well as Dental Month) with significant discounts offered next month to make this process easier for you. Despite that amazingly enthralling introduction, I think it’s time you hear […]

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elderly cat

Giving Thanks for Our Elderly Pets

Thanksgiving has descended upon a snowy winter Chicago Wonderland. As the festivities begin, and the pumpkin-spiced scent of pastries everywhere begins to overtake ours senses without mercy, it is hard to escape the natural need to look at our homes and our furry friends, and be thankful for their presence in our lives. Turn up the furnace, and let the pileup […]

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The Bugs Don’t Know It’s Time to Stop Being Bugs

It’s fall in Chicago, and the evening cicada blare slowly becomes quiet, the sweaters and hoodies come out for evening dog walks, and our collective thoughts turn to football, hockey, and basketball (and a once-a-millennium Cubs playoff run). As the annual and collective city preparations for the upcoming Midwestern freeze begins, it’s easy to start […]

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