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monarch caterpillars

Resident Caterpillars Aid in Monarch Butterfly Conservation

We are excited to introduce you to our two monarch caterpillars on display, Logan and Pilsen! This fall, Veterinary Behavior at Illinois and Medical District Veterinary Clinic at Illinois are teaming up to promote the conservation of one of our favorite insects—the monarch butterfly. This captivating insect is not only a beautiful summer guest of […]

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dog with leash on pavement


The recent canine influenza outbreak in Chicago is caused by a different strain of the virus than was earlier assumed. According to laboratory scientists at Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin, the outbreak is caused by a virus related to Asian strains of influenza A H3N2 viruses—not the H3N8 strain. Both strains can cause high fever, loss […]

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dog dressed as reindeer

THE NAUGHT & NICE LIST: Tips for a Happy & Pet-Safe Holiday

The holiday season is a feast for the senses — bright lights and candles, mouthwatering treats and shiny, festive decor — which means it’s also filled with potentially hazardous temptations for your furry friends. So before you extend the holiday cheer to your animal companions, check out our “Naughty and Nice” list for tips on […]

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